Cessed tenants pay equal civic taxes: Body


ATEEQ SHAIKH | Thu, 12 May 2016-08:30am , dna

Reacting to civic commissioner’s statement of 38 per cent of Mumbai has to pay for expensive housing in Mumbai for the remaining 62 per cent of city’s population, cessed property tenants representative claimed that the statement shows them in bad light.

On Tuesday, BMC commissioner in context to affordable housing and Draft Development Plan 2034 had said: “62 per cent of Mumbai has become a free house, while the balance 38 per cent pays for the rest.” Therefore, those 38 per cent who have bought homes by paying through their nose have also paid for the rest 62 per cent of the Mumbaikars.

Viren Shah, member, action committee for protection of tenants right, while reacting to Mehta’s statement said: “For your information this is factually incorrect statement.”

He added that all cess building tenants pays all civic taxes, including water bills, property tax and rent in the bills sent by landlord and it is the landlord who pays it to the BMC. Thus, it is wrong to say that the tenants don’t pay civic taxes and 38 per cent pays for the rest of 62 per cent.

“Landlord has been paid market rate premium of transfer (pagri) which is ranging from 33 to 50 per cent at times and this has been taken every time the tenancy is transferred. So, that’s the reason rent is very low as transfers are taken at market value,” explained Shah.

According to the association member, the 38 per cent of flats owned have nothing to do with this neither they pay on behalf of this tenants nor for landlord.

Moreover, regularised slum colonies have been fitted with water and electric meters. Several slums in Mumbai pay water bills to the BMC. The bills and receipts issued also mentions that although the individual is being billed, but it is not the proof or evidence of regularising the shanty or its ownership.



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