Homeowners, you own more than four walls

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Conveyance, that gives claim over the land parcel on which the house is built, will now also be given without the OC requirement.

IN a step that could bring immense relief to consumers, some 5 , 2 2 2 housing societies in Mumbai that currently don’t have their occupation certificates, will be able to stake their claim of ownership on the land parcels on which these houses are built.

Cooperation minister Subhas Deshmukh on Thursday assured a B – P delegation that his department would h e• c e fo r t h relax the condition that deemed conveyance could only be applied for with an occupation certificate. In Maharashtra, thousands of societies have not been given the conveyance – deemed c o• v e y a• c e when applying in the absence of developer – because either the developer intends to reuse the land for further construction without seeking owners’ permission, or because the builder is long gone without doing the needful documentation. Deshmukh confirmed the same to midday.

The decision was taken after a B – P group of leaders presented the demand in a meeting on Wednesday night to the CM, who then instructed Deshmukh to waive the requirement.

Occupation certificates are tricky because in several cases, the owners move into buildings without an OC, making them vulnerable.

Non- availability of conveyance has been delaying redevelopment of old and dilapidated buildings in the city. “ The troublesome condition will not be there henceforth. We had promised in the BMC polls that we would ensure justice for the residents who face conveyance issues because of non- availability of occupation certificate,” Shelar told mid- day.



Mumbai: BMC allocates 2 days to discuss Development Plan of the city

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Two days is all that the BMC has allocated to decide the fate of the city. It has organised a special session to discuss the revised Development Plan (DP) (2014-34) in the next two days. The state government has given the BMC a deadline of July 18 to submit the DP.

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