Mumbai: BMC allocates 2 days to discuss Development Plan of the city

By A Correspondent | Mumbai | Posted 4 hours


Two days is all that the BMC has allocated to decide the fate of the city. It has organised a special session to discuss the revised Development Plan (DP) (2014-34) in the next two days. The state government has given the BMC a deadline of July 18 to submit the DP.

The little time means every corporator will not be able to talk. An official from BMC said, “Earlier every corporator was to get a chance to speak on the DP, but now since there is very little time, only group leaders and a few senior corporators will speak.”

According to sources, the Shiv Sena will raise the issue of allowing development in Aarey Milk Colony and the NDZ (No-Development Zones). The Sena is against the proposed car shed for Metro in Aarey Milk Colony. “We will not let BMC exploit Aarey’s natural diversity and NDZ lands. These ideas will destroy the existing biodiversity. The Metro car shed should move from Aarey and the government should find an alternative place. Allowing construction could be a big mistake.”

After the DP is passed it will be sent to state government for final approval. The legislators will be given time to discuss it. Once the discussion is over the state will issue the final notification regarding the DP.

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