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    • Please attend tomorrow’s meeting at the YMCA, Colaba at 5PM.

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  2. This is outrageous. It looks as if the gov’t is sold to the Landlords and builders lobby.
    The tenants must unite & fight such arbitrary amendments. whatever changes the government desires should not have retrospective effect.


  3. This is unjust by the Govt. The rent will be outrageous. The tenants are together on this and will protest against the unjust act. We expect CM intervention regarding this matter and hear our plea.


  4. Let’s stay united and focused
    Let’s keep targets and achieve it one by one
    Let’s burry this issue ones and for all and achieve ownership with amicable formula


  5. This government is creating new generation after poor Farmers to sucides. All traders and tenants will be forced to sucides who don’t have any source of income and alternate accommodation


  6. Behind this there is a strong lobby of landlords,builders & corrupt politicians..they want to unleash crores at the cost of millions of residents by making them homeless & officeless..Pugree of over 50000 crores (official figure only till 2005) has already been collected by landlords over the years. Infact they have made money over 200-500 times of the purchase value which had paid whilst aquiring the property. Inspite of earning crores they donot maintain their own property’s & it’s totally repaired & maintained by tenants. The landlords have always dominated the tenants & inspite of tenants wanting to pay money in cheque they demand only cash for everything including obnoxious parking charges WITHOUT issuing any receipts or breakup of chess etc & tenants who are always under eviction threat succumb to their pressure & unreasonable demands. This is the true picture & not which has been shown to govt & judges by few unscrupulous elements for their own benefits. If we tenants can afford to pay 250 times of the rent with no upper limit then we could probably afford flats in new constructions we would definitely not stay in fear under landlords..but because property prices are unsually high we are forced to stay under the landlords. Also our fore fathers have paid the Pugree at then prevailing market rates so it should be considered as purchase consideration. Landlords 90% are harassing the tenants almost everywhere at-least in metros in every way..that is emotionally, financially & morally & tenants are staying under such threats only because some unscrupulous politicians are protecting this lobby & we as tenants are helpless. Landlords are not even respecting the SUPREME court orders which is quite evident by removal of residents & people from offices in BPT inspite of supreme courts verdict To protect the residents & offices in BPT. This is a draconian amendment which will benefit few in billions & hurt millions by homeless & officeless after bearing all the atrocities of the landlords for all these years. We tenants would fight against it till our last breath..


  7. This is policy of Government to divide Tenants and evict few tenants, but other tenants should understand gradually in 2 to 3 years they are going to scrap rent act with connivance of builders and landlords. AII TENANTS SHOULD UNITE and fight to last breath.


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